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AQUA Patents, Designs and Trademarks

Practice Areas

- Filing applications of Patent, Utility-model, Design and Trademark.
- Filing a reply to the Office Action.
- Lodging an Appeal and an Opposition for your Intellectual Property (IP) or against your competitors' IP.
- Searching for Prior Arts pertinent to your idea.
- Giving an expert opinion on whether or not an IP infringement occurs.
- Filing applications and required documents to Foreign Patent Offices.
- Briefing on IP topics and IP law reforms.
- Counseling about IP matters.

Technical Fields

- Machinery
   Processing Machinery, Precision Machinery, Mechatronics, Transportation Equipment, Office Equipment and Control Engineering.

- Electrics and Electronics
   Electric Machinery, Electric Materials, Electric and Electronic Circuits and Semiconductors.

- Others
   Computers, Software, Business Model, Communication and Information technology, Optics, Non-destructive Inspection, Civil Engineering and Construction and Surface Treatment.

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