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About us

   AQUA Patents, Designs and Trademarks was established in January, 2005, by Kosuke Hida, Patent Attorney. "AQUA" is named after water so that we vividly develop an idea created by an inventor to Intellectual Property (IP), just like water supports the development of living things.


   Today, there has been a growing interest in IP, as IP is essential for promoting your business.
   In view of the IP circumstances in the future, IP should be used not only for protecting your own technologies from your competitors but also for minimizing your competitors' domination in your market area.
   AQUA provides every client with a responsible patent attorney so that your needs are timely and appropriately satisfied. AQUA gives you total IP services including counseling about patentability or registrability of inventions, designs and trademarks, filing applications to the Japanese/Foreign Patent Offices and utilizing your IP effectively for your superiority in your field.
   We are pleased to serve you for your business strategy.

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